Chasing a Starlight

until the end of my life

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Friends only & Public

Hey there! Nice to see you on my journal.
Anyways I write german & english.
I am half german and half chinese.
I like...
Languages (speaking 5)
Music (&instruments -> playing guitar & Keyboard...)
Video Games
Meeting Friends, avoiding responsibility
&& more.

I am an INTP. Lolz
xD (unneccessary information...)

[Okay I think this is enough of an introduction...]
If you want to be added, just drop me a comment... kinda... (I don't think anyone wants that)
Every 2nd post is friends only, like everything that reveals to much about me irl xD


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Hello there!
I found you via [info]___addme___ as well, I'm adding you to my friendslist :)
Oh and I second mrsdeppcupcake's question - what's an INTP?

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